10 Apps to manage your business

June 18, 2015
10 Apps to manage your business

In our article: “Your office in your cell phone and your computer” we share some platforms that make your work life easier. In this second part you will learn the importance of your business having presence in social networking websites. Also, learn about the products to conduct meetings in a virtual manner, among other apps that will save you time and money.

Social Networks

1. Facebook and Twitter: Alberto, owner of an advertising design firm, keeps up to date his corporate account in Facebook, which he has connected to Twitter. In other words, whatever he publishes in Facebook will automatically appear in another social network. He doesn’t have a page in the Internet because his clients look for his work directly in Facebook, after having heard of his firm through some friend or contact. For his part, Isaias, an independent salesman, personally manages two accounts in Facebook, each one with different viewers. “Facebook helps me to let others know what I do, the products and services that I have available and allows me to increase the knowledge of the brands with which I work”, he assures.

2. LinkedIn: Many describe this web site as the Facebook for professionals. Here you can have your professional profile in which you present your experiences and interests. There are many human resources managers that use this tool as a first approach to know about the candidates for a position. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to create articles in its platform that you can share publicly or among your contacts and specific professional groups.

Tools to manage your social websites

3. Hootsuite: It allows you to manage, from one single place, all the conversations in other social networks. For example, you can program the messages to publish and it allows you to analyze the engagement of your followers in your social networks. The engagement is the connection and interaction that your audience has with your brand. It goes beyond the number of “Likes”. It is when your clients become followers of your product in the social networks, when they comment and share the content with others because they find it important and interesting.

4. Google Analytics: This software measures the performance of publicity campaigns in your social networks and allows you to know how much engagement your community has in the networks.

“Face to Face” meetings from your computer or cell phone

5. GoToMeeting: A platform that allows you to schedule videoconference meetings online. This platform is free of charge with up to a maximum of three persons under one same account. The PRO service has a cost that increases according to the amount of users.

Audio recorder

6. RecForge: With this program you can record meetings, conferences and trainings from your cell phone to later send via e-mail or through text messages for your team members to download.

Faxes and scanners

7. MetroFax: “I like this application because, without having a fax, I can send documents in PDF to any fax number in the world. The company assigns you a telephone number and you select the area code between the 1-800 or the 1-877”, explains David, an independent consultant.The tool also allows you to receive faxes in PDF documents that you can print or save in your files.

8. CamScanner: David explained that he uses this program every day since he can take pictures and convert them to PDF documents. For example, your client can sign a physical contract, later you can take a picture of it and send this particular document, in PDF, to your team at the office. The application is free and allows you to save the documents in Cloud Sync.

GPS from your cell phone

9. WAZE: This is the most practical GPS that exists, according to Carlos, a sales manager. Because of his type of work, he has to travel to different parts of the island to meet up with clients. One of his strategies to save time, gasoline and not get lost is to establish his routes using the application. “WAZE is a community GPS. It allows you to create exact routes, which you can share with others. I like it because you don’t need to enter the coordinates of a place. Besides, it lets you know the estimated time of arrival at your destination and other possible routes to avoid traffic jams, all in real time”, he explains.

Each day there are more tools that allow you to connect with your clients, from anywhere. Review the prior list and explore the applications mentioned to determine if they can be useful for your work plan.

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