5 things you must know before shopping online

November 25, 2015
Online Shopping

Offers leading to the Thanksgiving weekend are starting earlier with each year that passes. Stores are now launching offers several days and even weeks before the main event, the famous Black Friday. However, there is a day dedicated to online shopping that because is held the Monday after Black Friday doesn’t seem to have the same relevance. Even so, Cyber Monday is an event that is quickly gaining acceptance. It offers the opportunity to take advantage of deals on products and services online only for a whole day.

If this year you decide to adventure into online shopping, check out the following advice to ensure the safest experience available.

  1. Verify Internet addresses – One of the ways of proving the page you are visiting is a fake is by verifying the web address on the address bar of your browser. These web addresses usually are different from the page you’re visiting. You may also check the company information by accessing the “About Us” section. If you access these pages thru online advertisement, emails or social media sites, this tip will help you greatly.
  2. Don’t save your password in your browser – As part of the purchasing process, online stores request that you create an account or use an existing one in order to complete a transaction. Most of the times, browser will ask you to save passwords for these account. Dismiss these requests to protect your information.
  3. Verify the padlock – Web sites whose purpose is to sell products and services certify their security by showing a little padlock on the lower right of the screen or in the address bar. This means that your transaction will be processed in a secure site.
  4. Verify seller’s profiles – If you’re going to buy from online marketplaces like ebay or Amazon, check out the seller’s profile to see if you can trust them. You can do this by the quality of the comments received and the amount of transactions they have completed in the past.
  5. If it’s too good to be true, chances are its not – Use your judgment to differentiate an offer from a scam. Do a little research about the product you’re interested so you may calculate what could be an average price for that item. This way you avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

Use these tips and enjoy your online experience. Shopping online could be a very pleasant experience because it’s convenient and easy.

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