A Trip or a Reward?

March 13, 2015
Banca Online

By: Andrés Lebrón Jimenez

If you received a reward for paying your purchases with a credit card, would you do it?  I recently had to ask that question myself when I decided to get one.

Today most credit cards allow us to earn points or miles to later redeem for good or services. Evaluating which type of reward works best for me will ensure I’ll get the most out of it.

A card that earns miles is perfect for that trip I’ve always wanted to do with my family. It gives me the convenience of “saving” toward that dream trip effortless, and takes me closer and closer to a great vacation just by using my card (for more trite as it may seem). To see if it is a viable option I calculated how many purchases should I make with the card and how much time it will take me to reach the desired miles. Check popular.com/en/aadvantage and learn how you can earn miles with the Popular / AAdvantage® card and take advantage (pun intended) of the many benefits you can get, no matter if you are a frequent traveler or you’re going to venture on a plane for the first time.

However, if traveling is not a priority, I could always choose a credit card that allows me to earn reward points. With this type of card I could get countless goods or services. To determine if earning points is for me, I checked rewards catalogs online, verified how many points are required for different goods or services, and how many of the transactions that I make regularly were eligible for points. Sometimes we are not willing to spend money on certain items or services but if I can get them with the points I earn for my everyday transactions, it would be great. There are also many reward programs that offer gift cards from travel agencies or airplane tickets. This allows me to keep my options a bit more open. The PREMIA® program has an excellent catalog with rewards ranging from restaurants to video cameras and tablets. In addition to earning PREMIA® points using your credit card, with PREMIA® you can earn points in many other ways. Visit  premia.com/en and find out how you can earn more.

Another aspect to consider is how many points or miles you can earn per transaction or dollar on purchases. This is because how much you can earn varies by card type. Make this part of your research.

Getting a credit card is an exercise that requires credit assessment and certain restrictions may also apply. The PREMIA® program is optional and has an annual membership fee, although some cards include the rewards program free of charge. Taking into consideration all the benefits offered will result in a product that fits your lifestyle.

Now I have my card, and if you want to know which is the best one for you, do some online research. Visit popular.com/en/cards and see if you are a points or miles person; or in my case, a PREMIA® or AAdvantage® person.