A Warrior’s Mind and Body to Overcome Adversity

March 21, 2017
A Warrior’s Mind and Body to Overcome Adversity

At first, her small and delicate frame set a contrast against her strong spirit, her analytical mind, and her contagious energy, even in the most difficult of times. Our initial phone interview happened just before she went on a ski trip with her family. Mariel Arraiza is one of the thousands of breast cancer survivors who struggles and enjoys her life to the fullest. The banking industry official faced her diagnosis with assurance and optimism, as she says she does with everything else in life.

A Timely Diagnosis

Mariel did not felt ill at all. But a routine test showed she had nodules located in one of her breasts. The surgeon recommended a mastectomy. Since she has dense breast tissue, she made the radical decision of having a double mastectomy. She preferred to go through that process only once, because there was a possibility tumors could develop in her other breast.

As a result of this experience, Mariel learned that “your health is in your own hands… And that when you detect things on time, they can be fixed. In these cases, the mind is very powerful. You have to nip it in the bud, quickly, head on… You have to face the situation actively. You have to have the mind of a warrior, a positive attitude that everything will turn out all right.”

“When you look back, you realize there are a lot people who are willing to help you. You take the opportunity to think and see what adjustments you need to make in your life. You are thankful for the simple things, and you try to simplify your life,” Mariel says, regarding the life lessons she learned after the diagnosis.

Nowadays, she continues exercising, works as usual, and continues to search for adventures to enjoy her family and spend quality time with her three children. Her lifestyle changes include being more aware of her diet, and she even keeps a small home garden. Besides, now she sets some time aside to meditate and connect with the spiritual process that brought her so much peace during her recovery.

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