Account to Help Chile

March 02, 2010

Popular Opens Account to Help Chile

Popular announced yesterday that it has opened an account for those who want to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Chile. You may contribute to the account Puerto Rico Ayuda a Chile – Terremoto 2010 #030-696682 through TeleBanco, using your ATH or credit card (Visa, AMEX or MasterCard).

You can also make donations directly through the Internet Banking service, following these steps:
1. Access the Popular web page ( and connect to your account.
2. In the bar on the left side, click on “Add Payees.”
3. In the box under “Search other payees,” write: Chile
4. Click on the name of the account: PR AYUDA A CHILE -TERREMOTO 2010.
5. In the next page, write the word DONATIVO (all caps) in the first two boxes and the word Chile in the third box. Click on “Add payee.”

You will immediately see your list of payees. To make a donation, follow the normal procedure to make payments.

Funds raised in the account Puerto Rico Ayuda a Chile – Terremoto 2010 will be given to the Chilean Red Cross and Un Techo para Chile, among other entities in that country.