Apply for a mortgage loan from your computer

October 09, 2018
Apply for a mortgage loan from your computer

Armando Vega
Vice President
Popular Mortgage Operations

Did you know that wherever you are, you can apply online for a mortgage loan to purchase, refinance, or make improvements to your property?

Find the financing alternatives available for you and their interest rates at Also, apply for a mortgage online 24/7. It’s easy and secure.

When you apply online, you’ll be able to choose from the loan alternatives available and request instant pre-approval. But if you’re not ready to apply, you can complete a form to indicate when and how a mortgage advisor can contact you. The advisor will help you with the process or answer your questions. In addition, you’ll find information regarding new projects financed by Popular.

The site works as a communications platform, allowing you to electronically send and receive documents about your loan. You’ll also receive confirmation of documents, so they’ll be registered for future reference.

Go to and begin an experience suited to your lifestyle, time, and convenience!