Asegura tu amor…¡Hoy!

January 19, 2011

 When it comes to showing our love, we sometimes go over the top with a crazy, silly or extravagant gesture. Other times we express our love in a quiet, tender act. But why all this talk about love in September? Because September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and life insurance is all about love. The main reason we buy life insurance is because we love people and want to make sure they’ll always be protected financially, even after we are gone.

 This month is the time to act, to take action over that decision you have already made of obtaining life insurance for your family.  The non-profit organization Life Foundation, through its webpage is in charge of this national campaign, and this year has as spokesperson Lamar Odom, NBA Champion.  Ge to know the gift of love that Lamar received through life insurance by watching this video.  To learn more about life insurance click here or contact us today.