Avoid being a victim of fraud

September 04, 2015

Fraudulent phone calls have recently increased. In this scam, the caller claims to be a Popular employee or someone from another institution. The purpose is to retrieve personal and account information using different strategies. Once a customer discloses their account information, scammers make unauthorized use of it.

Remember that you will never receive a call from Popular requesting information from your accounts such as:

  • card number
  • expiration date on a card or
  • pin number

If you initiate the call to our institution, we could, for security reasons, request information to validate your identity.

We advise that you to be extremely careful when offering personal or financial information to anyone requesting it by phone. If you receive a suspicious call do not give any type of information and call the official numbers registered by your institution. You can find a list of all our customer-service areas of Popular by visiting popular.com/en/contact-us where you can report any fraudulent call.

Stay safe!