Benefits of marketing your business online

March 14, 2017
Benefits of marketing your business online

By Popular in collaboration with Foundation for Puerto Rico

Thousands of companies around the world are benefiting from the tools offered by the Internet, using web pages to sell their products, promote their businesses, advertise their specials, create trends with their products and also learn about their customers’ opinions. Even better, web pages offer an economical and accessible form of marketing for practically any kind of business.

  1. Local and global markets in mind

Your customers can help you promote your business through the opinions they leave on web sites. For example, there are numerous web pages and mobile applications that rate restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses that offer goods and services. Ratings are based on written reviews from customers who visit the businesses. Among other options, users can choose to limit the results on the page, such as by cost, location or other factors. Some of these sites have more than 10 million downloads, which shows the wide reach they have for promoting your business. These reviews also provide valuable information that lets you make changes to your services and improve your customers’ experience.

There are other web sites that are dedicated to providing information exclusively for travelers. Some have more than 120 million users and are known as a place for travelers to recommend attractions, travel routes, authentic restaurants and lodging in more than 135,000 destinations, including Puerto Rico. At this kind of site, travelers will also find maps, reviews and quick guides, among other resources.

Some digital platforms are exclusively about Puerto Rico, although anyone in the world can access them online. Among these kinds of digital platforms, there are some that specialize in gastronomy or in authentic food products from Puerto Rico. Using photographs of the dishes available, they offer a wide range of choices of small and medium-size businesses in all parts of the island, with addresses, specials and even prices.

If you are in the real estate, short-term rental or guided experience businesses, you can benefit from digital platforms exclusively about Puerto Rico and others that function at the global level to connect owners with renters. This kind of community market lodging has become one of the most popular options for finding a place to stay. The platforms create content aimed at users and have a system structured for reservations and reviews.

In summary, the digital options for promoting your business are unlimited. Study your options, find your space and begin to experiment with this form of marketing that is here to stay. Today, more than ever, possibilities for growing your business are within your reach.


  • Best practices

To make sure your use of these apps and web sites is successful:

  • Create your web site and include good photos of your product or business. Include links to social media and apps where you want recommendations.
  • Keep your customers informed every day through your web site or through social media about everything concerning your business (hours, events, products, promotions, discounts, etc.)
  • Add your business to relevant web sites, but only those where you can keep your information updated. Having a presence on social media or apps will help you increase the odds of new people visiting your business.
  • Be sure to provide good service at all times so your customers will write good reviews about your business and the service offered. This will build trust so future customers will choose to visit your business.
  • The higher the volume of recommendations, the greater priority web sites will give to your business in their lists.
  • Invite customers to write an opinion about your business.
  • Assign an employee to respond to positive and negative comments. It is important to listen to your customers and make changes as needed. This will help you make your business stronger and more competitive.
  • Create a referral program with some kind of incentive for customers who give their opinions on three or more platforms.

Once you choose where you want to have and maintain your presence, remember to measure the results regularly, based on the kind of app or platform. Each one has its own protocols to allow the business owner to see its reach. Best wishes for success!


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