The best moment to buy a car

August 20, 2014

More than a magic date when everyone reduces their prices and you find the car of your dreams at a ridiculous price, there are certain factors in the sale’s cycle that facilitate the acquisition of better offers at some times of the year. Mainly affected by the availability and demand of the models, the arrival of new ones or the incentives for sales by the manufacturer, these are some of the times when the stars align to create a more favorable landscape for car discounts.

  1. The end of the month and the end of the year – Both dealers and salesmen receive incentives and sales goals both monthly and annually. Fulfilling these goals and earning the incentives will make them more willing to reduce prices and negotiate additional benefits that could end up saving you thousands. At the end of the year, annual sales goals end, something that could mean thousands in manufacturer’s incentives for the dealers. An establishment near completing the annual sales goal could be willing to take a small loss in an individual sale in order to get the incentives from the manufacturer.
  2. The arrival of a new model – around September, the majority of dealers already have or are receiving next year models. To make way for the new models, they give special offers in the cars from the year that is about to end. Especially if the new model doesn’t have significant changes to the one from the previous year, having both so they can be compared does not benefit the higher priced new models and they do everything in their power to sell the year old ones. However, you have to remember that you are buying a car from the previous year, which implies an additional depreciation in the re-sale price. For this situation, the best offers can be found in the months of September, October and November.
  3. What no one wants, when nobody wants it – Like any other sale, the price will be affected by the laws of supply and demand. Buying a convertible in the winter or a 4×4 in the city can save you money. The idea is simple, less sales opportunities will reflect on more flexibility to make them and because of it, better incentives for the buyer. If you want to buy the same car as the 20 that came before you, why would they give you discounts if other 20 might come after you willing to pay more?
  4. The early bird catches the worm – The majority of people decide to shop for cars on the weekends or after work in the afternoons, which gives the dealers a constant flow of customers. Getting there early and in the first days of the week can help you find salesmen more willing to ensure a sale and to take the necessary time to negotiate the terms and conditions of it. An empty dealer makes an interested customer much more appealing than one with 20 other possibilities. Some establishments even give additional incentives to their salesmen for completing the first sale of the day.

Although December is without a doubt the best month to buy a car, because many of these conditions combine, the best resource for any buyer is still his diligence. To analyze the market, take options with you, be informed, to verify the manufacturer’s offers and even putting a few establishments to compete can help you obtain the best deal for your vehicle at any time that you decide to buy it.

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