Business Etiquette in the Digital Age

August 18, 2017

True to its name, social media is a tapestry we build through relationships, and it offers the ideal platform for our name and services to reach more people. Facebook is the most popular social network in the island, and it can be a useful tool to expand your real estate business. Therefore, it is common to wonder whether you should use your personal profile or create an official Facebook page to market your business.

The best option would be to create an official page for your business. An official page has its benefits, including an unlimited amount of followers. It also lets you pay to market your business or services by targeting specific client groups, and it provides analytical information on how your clientele interacts with your page.

Having separate personal and business profiles allows for greater privacy. For example, your business contacts won’t be exposed to any personal affairs you choose to share on your private profile. We have listed other recommendations here to create and manage your official profile or fan page:

  • Include a profile picture that speaks for itself. Add a picture of yourself: this will make your page feel more authentic, and it confirms that you are in fact the service provider. You may present your image in a casual manner, but you should always be professional.
  • Select the name you will use to promote your business in this and other social networks. Choose a simple one. If your business has a name and corporate identity, that’s perfect! Use it to promote your business on Facebook and other social media.
  • Once you have a Facebook profile, include the address in your email signature and business cards.
  • Do not upload or tag pictures from clients or colleagues without their permission. Manage your timeline or wall. This applies for both your personal and professional profiles.
  • Be mindful of your grammar and the quality of the content you share.
  • Only publish posts that add value to your brand. Do not post links to games or groups that are unrelated to your business. Do not speak negatively about your competition, suppliers, or other business stakeholders.
  • Read before posting. Remember that what you write should help your potential clients become familiar with your capabilities.

The Importance of Emails

Another way of communicating in the digital era is through email, and respect and deference should prevail here too. Here are some recommendations when sending emails:

  • Be selective. Determine if the occasion deserves a call or visit to the client, instead of an email.
  • Be mindful of the amount of emails you send. Make sure the content is brief and concise.
  • Only copy people who are interested in the topic or message.
  • Be clear. Always use a title. Avoid acronyms or abbreviations (example: FYI). List the most important points to make it easier to read. Be mindful of email size. If you’re going to include a document, make sure the addressee will be able to receive it.
  • Use clear and simple language; avoid technicalities. Always read and review your email before sending it.

The power of technology is unlimited. When properly used, it helps us communicate quickly and reach many people. Put this advice into practice so you can maintain a good professional image.

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