Your business, your time

August 20, 2014
tu negocio

If you own a business, you know that one of the most pressing challenges is overseeing everything –production, service, employees– and at the same time managing all the support functions of the business. It requires a fine balance of juggling all balls, but it is possible by following some practical guidelines to make the best use of your time, such as:

• Review and classify business documents as soon as you receive them. You should set up a specific place and time to handle and process invoices, receipts, orders and other mail to avoid lost documents and repeated, unnecessary handling.

• Take advantage of the resources available on the Internet to manage and review account balances, receive notifications and other banking information that consume time when done in person or through the phone.

Achieving business success is a challenge. And some times small business owners find it difficult to delegate tasks because they need to feel in control. When you see yourself in this situation, ask yourself which is the most productive use of your time. Once in a while, it is OK to delegate routine or less important tasks if this will allow for you to have more time to personally help an important client or find new business opportunities. It is part of the growing process.