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Easy and Secure Payments. We address 3 of the most frequently asked questions here:

April 11, 2017

How fast are payments transferred in Mi Banco? Mi Banco works in Real Time Debit. That means that the debit is instantly made from your account, and the business will receive your payment as soon as the next business day1. You can also schedule your payment ahead of time, so

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Pay bills and analyze your expenses with Mi Banco Móvil for iPad®

April 30, 2015

Mobile banking just got better. The new Mi Banco Móvil app gives you more control over your transactions, wherever you go. With a more attractive and minimalist design, this app for iPad® includes the best of the mobile version for iPhone®, iPod Touch® or Android™ and

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Innovative chip technology: more safety for your credit card transactions

March 05, 2015

Learn more about the new technology available for most of our credit cards. The security microchip stores and protects your credit card's information. Smart credit card technology has arrived! Now, most of our credit cards are available with built-in microchip technology that

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