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Easy and Secure Payments. We address 3 of the most frequently asked questions here:

April 11, 2017

How fast are payments transferred in Mi Banco? Mi Banco works in Real Time Debit. That means that the debit is instantly made from your account, and the business will receive your payment as soon as the next business day1. You can also schedule your payment ahead of time, so

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3 innovative solutions that will make your life easier in 2016

February 04, 2016

By: Andrés A. Lebrón In 1983, the ATH® network revolutionized the way we used our cash by replacing it with a plastic card. Today we announce innovative services that will substitute the card with your cellular phone. We always talk about returning back to our homes if we

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Get the most out of it! How to change the language and two additional tips for Mi Banco App

January 04, 2016
Idioma Mi Banco

By: Andrés A. Lebrón You can manage your accounts and make payments using Mi Banco app from your phone or Apple Watch™. These options make our life easier but, did you know that you could do more within the app? Here we have three things you probably didn’t know you

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Easy Deposit: Your deposit available immediately without standing in line at the bank.

June 26, 2015
Deposito Facil_2

Did you know that you could deposit your checks and cash in a matter of minutes, without the need of envelopes or deposit slips? With Easy Deposit, you can make these kinds of deposits in 135 automatic tellers machine across the island. Learn more about Easy Deposit No

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