Choosing a good mechanic

July 14, 2015

Who hasn’t gone through the headache of choosing a repair shop? In many cases, this simple exercise can become a horror story. So don’t take the decision lightly. Selecting a good mechanic can be as important and serious as trusting your health to the right physician.

Follow these recommendations and you can’t go wrong:

  • The first impression always counts. Observe the appearance of the shop, if it’s neat and clean but above all, if it has the necessary certifications to operate. Making this simple check will bring some certainty that you are putting your vehicle in the hands of a licensed professional that is up to date with constant changes in automotive technology.
  • Transparency is fundamental. Communication between you and the mechanic is a must. The mechanic will explain the diagnosis and what it entails to repair it, this way you will avoid surprises when picking up your car later on.
  • Shop around for written quotes and compare the cost and the alternatives offered by several repair shops before choosing one.
  • Ask to see the damaged parts of your car and the new replacement. You own your vehicle parts, so a good mechanic will show you the replaced parts and the work done when finished. That should be clear in your bill, and it must include whether there are some other pending repairs to be done. If the part requires an identification label you must make arrangements to have one assigned. You can get more information about the process with mechanical or at the bodyshop.
  • Demand a warranty on repairs and services.
  • Choose a mechanic that is interested in maintaining a long-term relationship with you as a customer.
  • Seek referrals from people you trust.

Follow these tips to help you avoid more headaches. The Puerto Rico’s Association of Automotive Technicians and Mechanics have an ethics committees in which all consumers can file complaints if they understand that their rights were violated or did not receive good service.

When the repair cost is similar to a monthly payment on a new car maybe it’s time to consider changing your old car. Contact one of our experts and they will lead you the right way.

Choose well, choose Popular Auto