Clearing Your Doubts about the Use of ATMs

August 20, 2014
The purpose of this post is to answer questions and clear doubts about the use of ATM machines:
  • As a client of Banco Popular, you have free access to the most extensive ATM network in Puerto Rico, with over 630 machines. Besides those placed in our branches, our ATMs are strategically located in shopping centers, universities, hospitals and drug stores. Of these, 339 are talking ATMs for the blind.
  • Since 2006, there has been a $1.50 charge which is applied whenever you use an independent ATM, not affiliated to the ATH® Network. Effective January 2, 2012 this charge will increase by $0.50, for a total of $2.
  • In the U.S., where there is a limited availability of Banco Popular ATMs, we do not charge for this service. The charges for these transactions are imposed by the bank or operator of the ATM machines. We do not have control of these charges.
  • The benefit of using your Banco Popular ATH card as a method of payments in those establishments that accept the card will continue to be free for all our clients. Any additional charges or minimum limits are determined by each merchant.
If you want to find the ATM nearest you, use our locator in from your computer or smart phone.  If you have additional questions, feel free to call us 24/7 at (787) 724-3650 or write to