Conexión Popular reduces printing with a system that saves paper

June 21, 2016

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Can you imagine making paperless transactions?… Learn more about this new technology that Popular Mortgage is implementing.

In the continuous effort to be more efficient in managing documents, Popular Mortgage has begun to implement the Blitzdocs system. This novel tool to manage sending documents, from its origination to the closing, allows us to create a document imaging process that reduces the use of paper. In addition, it promotes cooperation among participants in the transaction.

More than 100 mortgage institutions in the U.S. use this system that has allowed them to speed up the flow of documents in a secure, convenient and easy way. The Blitzdocs integration will benefit everybody.

We will be able to send and receive electronically documents from customers and providers. This will provide greater dynamism and will improve communication among the parties. Likewise, the applicant may send and receive documents from the convenience of his home or office, fast and securely. The customer may have more control over the documents he sends and more agility in the exchange of documents necessary to complete, step by step, the application process of the mortgage loan.

Learn the different documents that are necessary for applying for a loan.

Now everyone will be able to connect effectively, from submitting the application until after the closing. Everyone will have access to updated information on real time.

Moreover, we are contributing to the environment by considerably reducing paper production. This is part of our commitment for a better environment for us and future generations.

Conexión Popular already began the integration of its processes to this tool. We are certain that our customers will find value in this channel that facilitates the flow of documents and speeds-up processes.

For additional information, please contact one of the Conexión Popular mortgage experts by calling 787.707.1720 (Metro area); 787.879.9081 (Northern area); 787.806.1170 (Western area) and 787.812.7730 (Southern area).