Don’t forget to stay covered during hurricane season.

July 14, 2016


No one remembers there’s an umbrella in the trunk of the car…until it rains. The same happens -let’s be honest- every year when hurricane season arrives  we remember that we need to insure our property. What’s best is to be well insured and take every precaution before what we hope never does arrive.

Those of us born in the Tropics know it all too well: from June  1st through November 30th of each year there is a very real possibility that an atmospheric phenomenon will affect us. Besides buying storm shutters, power generators and the typical supermarket list of bottled water and canned goods, there are previsions that should not be left to the last minute.  Acquiring, revising or renewing your Property Insurance Policy (also known as dwelling) is such an important endeavor that it cannot be taken care of in a hurry.

Do you have questions about whether you should invest to insure your property? “Considering how hard it is to buy a house, investing in a policy is convenient and less costly than you would imagine. To give you an idea, a concrete-built property with a replacement value of $100 thousand can be insured through basic coverage with a monthly payment of $20 or $25. That is less than the cost of two tickets to the movies to watch a new release,” commented Shirley Soto, Vice-President at Popular Insurance.

When you acquire a mortgage loan, your home will have, at minimum, an insurance policy to cover the structure in case of a fire, hurricane or earthquake. Now is a good time to review your policy and consider adding coverage for your electronic equipment, appliances, furniture and artwork among many other things.

Also, you should review the insurance policy’s limits periodically, particularly if you  made improvements to your home (like adding a terrace or installing new security windows,). There are a series of insurance  policies that you should consider in order to be better protected.   Flood coverage is also important to consider.

Take advantage of the summer holidays and vacations to review the limits on your property insurance policy. Learn about  the options offered by Popular Insurance, a solid company with more than 15 years of industry experience, to broaden  your coverage and have greater benefits This way, you will sleep easier all year round. Consult with our insurance representativesat Popular Insurance, call (787) 706-4111 today.

Insurance products are not deposits and are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal agency.  They are not guaranteed by the Bank and may lose value.  Popular Insurance is a subsidiary of Popular, Inc. and an affiliate of Banco Popular.