Easy and Secure Payments. We address 3 of the most frequently asked questions here:

April 11, 2017

How fast are payments transferred in Mi Banco?

Mi Banco works in Real Time Debit. That means that the debit is instantly made from your account, and the business will receive your payment as soon as the next business day1. You can also schedule your payment ahead of time, so the business will receive it on the date you choose. Mi Banco even helps you with that! These are the most common types of payments and the time it takes for businesses to receive them:

How long it takes businesses to receive payments:

Most common businesses

Same day* Next day 2 days

3 days

Water and Electricity Services PRASA PREPA
Cell Phone Companies PRT/CLARO AT&T, T-Mobile, and Open Mobile Sprint
Cable TV DirectTV Liberty Dish
Credit Cards BPPR Credit Cards BPPR American Express American Express (Amex) Other store or bank credit cards
Mortgages X
BPPR Loans X
Government Agencies X
Health Plans X

 * As long as the payment is issued by 5:00 p.m. on a business day, and the business is included in the list of businesses with “Fast Delivery”.

If you have recurring payments (pre-programmed automatic payments)2  the businesses will receive it the second work day, after the payment effective date.3

How can I register businesses and make my payments?

  • If you have used the Telebanco Popular system before, those businesses will show up in your Mi Banco Online account, both in your computer and in the app.
  • If you have not used Telebanco or registered any payments, you may add new accounts, such as cable TV, mortgages, credit cards, health plans, and government agency services. It’s easy to do! You just need to log into Mi Banco Online, go to the Payments menu, select Add business, and choose or add the business.
  • After you register all your accounts, you can easily make your payments through the mobile application, which you may download from the App Store or Google Play.

Are you concerned about security?

Access to Mi Banco is protected by either your password or your fingerprint, and you will enjoy the same level of security in your desktop and on your cell phone. When you log into Mi Banco Online, the information sent is encrypted through an SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

You may also sign into the Alert Service, which sends you emails or text messages to notify you of completed payments and even transfers between your accounts.

You will receive an email with your payment confirmation and a receipt number. That way, you can make sure that the transaction was successfully completed, and that you paid the right amount. And this is available to you 24/7, from wherever you are, and without having to deal with those pesky prerecorded messages.

Easier? Almost impossible! If you have any other questions, come chat with us at www.popular.com/chat, and we will assist you shortly.


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1Subject to availability of funds.

2 Recurring payments  are pre-programmed automatic payments for the same day in determined time period (for example, the same day each month) or automatic payments pre-programmed for future dates

3 Some businesses can take up to three days