Easy Deposit: Your deposit available immediately without standing in line at the bank.

June 26, 2015
Deposito Facil_2

Did you know that you could deposit your checks and cash in a matter of minutes, without the need of envelopes or deposit slips?

With Easy Deposit, you can make these kinds of deposits in 135 automatic tellers machine across the island.

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  1. No charge service and secure
  2. Provides you with a receipt with a copy of the check deposited or the amount of bills deposited, if it is a cash deposit.
  3. Allows you to verify the amount of the transaction to be processed, of you check or cash deposits.
  4. The deposit is processed once you confirm the amount is correct.
  5. Allows you to deposit at any time in our 24 hour access ATMs enabled with Easy Deposit.
  6. Your cash deposit is available immediately for purchases and withdrawals with your ATH® card.
  7. Allows you to deposit up to 50 bills at a time per transaction.
  8. Allows you to deposit bills with a denomination of up to $100.
  9. Processes your deposited checks on the same day before 6:00 p.m. during work days, subject to deposit’s validation and verification.
  10. Allows you to deposit as many checks as you want up to $5,000 per check. The checks must be drawn by the account signatory. Checks with double endorsements are not accepted.
  11. Traveler’s checks, savings bonds, money orders from other financial institutions or copies of checks are not accepted for deposit through this service.
  12. Only our customers with ATH® cards can use our Easy Deposit service.

Why waste time? Deposit at your convenience.