An easy way to save time

September 27, 2013
manera de ahorrar

Making a deposit shouldn’t be a burden during your daily routine. With Easy Deposit you can make cash and/or check deposits through an ATM without the use of envelopes and forms.

It’s easy, fast and convenient! The cash deposits made before 3pm during workdays will be available instantly for any type of transaction. After 3pm it will be available instantly for shopping and withdrawal with your ATH®1. On the other hand, check deposits made before 6pm during workdays will be processed the same day according to the Funds Availability Policy.

And, if your are the kind of client who prefers evidence of the deposit, Easy Deposit will print out a copy of the check and/or the amount of dollar bills of your deposit.

Visit one of our ATMs with Easy Deposit around the island and go through the experience of making a deposit the ideal way.

Find the nearest one here.

It’s time to create more with your time.

FDIC Member. 1Cash deposited before 3pm on working days will be available for all kind of transactions immediately. Cash deposits made after 3pm on working days and non-working days will be available only for purchases and withdrawals with the ATH® card. 2Checks deposited before 6pm on working days will be processed that same working day, subject to deposit’s validation and verification. For deposits or payments made in ATM’s that are not identified with Depósito Fácil, you have until 3pm on a working day to make a deposit and have it processed the same day. For the availability of the deposited funds, please refer to the Funds Availability Policy in any of our branches or in your Deposit Account Contract.