El programa PREMIA® lo haces tú

August 20, 2014
programa premia

Check out the making of our PREMIA® Shooting, where our clients starred in the photos that will be used in the program’s upcoming communications and promotions.The selected clients enjoyed star-treatment with hair stylist, wardrobe and photo session. Also, some of our clients’ real stories were selected for an editorial section in each magazine, so you can see how they have redeemed their points and how PREMIA® has been useful to their everyday lives.

Once more, Popular uses its PREMIA® program to show our clients how important they are to us by using their real experiences in its communications. We are proud to feature them with the PREMIA® program. You can enjoy unique experiences too! For more information or to subscribe to the program, visit www.popular.com/premia or call 1-800-3PREMIA.