Encourage a positive attitude among your employees

September 14, 2018
Encourage a positive attitude among your employees

A healthy atmosphere among your staff leads to greater productivity and helps keep your team motivated. To achieve this atmosphere, we recommend that you focus on three areas:

  1. Communicate effectively

If there is one thing that affects a person’s performance, it is uncertainty. Combat that sense of insecurity among your employees by communicating on a regular basis with your team.

  • Create a good system of internal communication. Always inform your staff of changes in your business’s operations, its leadership, and its employees’ functions within the organization. That’s the key to fighting rumors.
  • Leave no room for misinterpretations. Make sure your messages are always clear. Use appropriate language and be consistent in your use of keywords and phrases.
  1. Offer opportunities for dialogue.

Do you want more committed employees? It’s a matter of giving and receiving.

  • Extend an invitation to your entire workforce- Open a space for your employees to make suggestions, express opinions, and feel they’re contributing to the company’s decision-making, especially about decisions that might be directly related to their work. Employees who feel they’re being considered say they have greater confidence and trust in management.
  • Help them grow- Develop leaders and promote people within your company. That helps create a happier staff, raises morale among your employees, and encourages commitment on the team, as a whole.
  1. Encourage fair treatment.

When new employees arrive at a company, they expect to be treated fairly and equitably. A natural reaction is to monitor the supervisors to see if there’s any sign of unfairness or preferential treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to:

  • Avoid controversial situations- Be careful not to publicly criticize one employee while you call another one aside to do so in private. Distribute the work fairly in terms of amount and nature of the tasks. Avoid giving one member of your staff the pleasant tasks while another one gets stuck with the hard work.
  • Treat everyone the same way- Zero favorites. Letting one employee to leave earlier or get first dibs on the best vacation dates will undoubtfully cause resentments and “turn-offs” among the other employees that may well light up as a destructive fire that might spread.

Remember, your employees are the most valuable tool that your business has, take them into account and let them know the value of their contribution. This will promote a positive atmosphere and will help them achieve your expected results.

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