Five Reasons Why You Waste Gasoline

March 09, 2015

The cost of gas is an issue that is always on everyone’s mind when talking about the cost of living; from what model of car to buy, if planning a “road trip” or not. No matter if you have a compact car or a SUV, you are always thinking how much it would take you to fill up your tank.  Below are five reasons that make your car burn up more gasoline, read up and save fuel.

  1. Do you leave your car running while waiting? When the heat takes control we always look for fresh air, but did you know that leaving the car running motionless for two minutes equals’ 1 mile consumption? Leaving the car on while you wait for a few minutes every day can cost several dollars a week, which ultimately will result in a larger expense. If not urgent leaving the engine running, turn off the car and save up some gas!
  2. Change the air and fuel filters: You may think they have nothing to do with maintaining a full tank, but it does… and a lot. Old fuel filters can, in some cases, let impurities pass. They travel into the gasoline injectors and clog them making the engine work harder. For air filters there is debate on whether they actually contribute to high fuel consumption. The truth is that good maintenance and replacement of the filters helps the engine work less. Try it! You will see the results.
  3. Change the oil! Yes, you have to change the oil frequently because oil creates internal resistance to the moving parts of the engine and it will cause loss of power and you do not want that to happen!
  4. Brake, but not much! Constantly braking means constant acceleration, therefore your car consumes more gasoline. Always leave the size of two cars between yours and the one in front of you. That way you will only brake when necessary.
  5. Lose weight. If you’re somebody who has the trunk and the back seat full of things, it’s time to lose that weight. This extra weight makes the car work more when accelerating. It is estimated that keeping the trunk and the back seat packed all the time can reduce gas mileage by up to 4%. It’s time to put your car “on a diet”.

Now you have a better idea of ​​the things that make a car burn more fuel than necessary. There are many other ways to save fuel, you can do research and learn more about it, but for now you can apply these five tips and see how the tank of your car and your pocket remain full longer.

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