From the pharmacy to your office

August 28, 2017

You have a long day of work ahead and the medications you need to pick up at the pharmacy will have to wait. This situation that happens to all of us was the spark that led Alberto Santiago to create Entregameds, which, as the name says, is a service that delivers prescription medications.

Entregameds works through a telephone app that customers use to order their prescriptions. Alberto, a pharmacist, processes them in his pharmacy in Trujillo Alto and coordinates delivery to the customer’s workplace within 24 hours, so the customer avoids a trip to the pharmacy. The service has no additional cost and has been endorsed by a significant number of companies as an added benefit for their employees.

Now, Alberto needs to promote recognition of the Entregameds brand, so more and more people will access and use the app and benefit from the service. Although he currently only makes deliveries in the metropolitan area, he has plans to expand to the rest of the island.

To provide guidance on how to achieve greater recognition of the brand, publicist Tere Suárez, owner of the agency that carries her name, shared these recommendations.

  • Insert graphic elements related to your brand (logo, colors, typography) that can easily be linked to the service or product you offer.
  • Use simple language that is easy to understand to communicate with the public; the name and slogan should be self-explanatory.
  • Put these elements on attractive promotional pieces that capture the public’s attention.
  • Be sure to expose your brand to the public and promote your product or service consistently among them.

Finally, and no less important, branding is only effective if the customer experience lives up to the promises of the service.

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