From the traditional to the innovative, strategic marketing that has an impact

February 16, 2018
From the traditional to the innovative, strategic marketing that has an impact

By Astrid Vélez*

Regardless of the size or type of your business, it is crucial that you have an effective marketing strategy that impacts the customer’s mind and makes you the first choice.

The ways of marketing goods and services have changed radically in the last 10 years. To prove it, I invite you to do an exercise and evaluate the products or services that have caught your attention over this time period. What made you stop and learn more about them? In what kind of promotion did you see them? Can you identify what moved you to consider them or buy them 10 years ago and what motivates you now? If there was a change in your buying habits or your preferences and you replaced a product with another brand, did it really have better attributes?

It is important to know that the products, businesses or services that are growing rapidly and effectively and taking market share from others share certain marketing strategies. Current marketing strategies are designed while keeping in mind the prospective customer and groups that have the same buying behavior. Here are some of the similarities among them:

  • They are strategic in developing a customer profile tied to customer needs and ensuring that their offer meets that need in an innovative way. These businesses are clear about how much sales they should generate.
  • They have a web site, but also have a presence on social media and have not abandoned traditional marketing practices.
  • They produce visual material that is clear, precise and with impactful images.
  • They use influencers or recognized figures that promote purchase of the product.

Strategic digital marketing integrates internal elements of the business or company. It is important because the marketing effort is tied to sales, innovation, operations, human resources and other core areas of the company.

Do you want to become the first choice? Then you should win the mind of your customer, and to do that, you have to know your customer well. For strategic digital marketing, it is important to make your product stand out, connect it to a niche and determine, based on customer behavior, which is the best medium and how to use it.

These times require us to position ourselves by communicating the value of our product or service in an effective way through strategic digital marketing. Remember my slogan: Businesses grow when they make the needs of others theirs.

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