Helping you save for the home of your dreams

March 31, 2016

The goal of many people is to have their own home; and the first step to reach that objective is save money for the down payment and the closing costs. It is also a good idea to have extra money for those last minute renovations or to buy new furniture. Saving does not need to be a hassle. We share with you two products that can help you save money:

  • Pronto Popular: This is a Federal Home Loan Bank program that provides matching to your savings while it accumulates interests, within a 10- to 24-month period. The product is designed   for people who wants to purchase their first home. For each $1 you deposit in the savings account under the Pronto Popular program, you accumulate an additional $4. The amount saved can only be used toward the down payment or the closing costs in the purchase of your first home with Popular Mortgage. For more information, call Popular Mortgage at 787-707-7070.
  • USave: This savings account is very easy to use. It has no monthly service charge and no minimum deposit required, plus you can open it online. The account generates interests if the daily balance is $100 or more. For additional information, visit your nearest Banco Popular branch or call TeleBanco Popular at 787-754-3650.

Saving is easier with these tools from Popular.