What are you hiding in your relationship?

August 20, 2014

Kurt talks about financial infidelity, and how it affects relationships.

Studies have shown that 31% of the people in a relationship have been unfaithful to their partner when it comes to finances. Polls, both in 2005 and 2011, state that even a larger percent have hidden financial decisions from their partner.

The most common lie is hiding money from the other person. Almost as common, is to make small purchases. Sometimes it’s out of necessity: your partner spends money irresponsibly and you decide it’s best to hide it so it lasts. But, is that really a solution?

Look at the financial infidelity statistics:

  • 58% hides cash
  • 54% hides small purchases
  • 30% hides bills
  • 16% hides a large purchase
  • 15% hides banking accounts
  • 11% has lied about their debt amount
  • 11% lies about their income

This tells us there’s not complete financial commitment, right?

For a couple, communication is key, the earliest in the relationship, the better. You must be able to talk about finances and reach agreements. If you work together on this, you’ll be able to make 2011 your best financial year ever.

Communicate! Finding a common ground in finances will unite you further, and help you realize that your finances are in your hands.