How to market properties effectively

May 01, 2017

Learn the steps to follow for a successful real estate presentation.

As a real estate professional, who better than you to know how important it is for a customer the purchase of a home. It is a decision that goes beyond finding a roof! It is to select the place where they will create their lifetime memories. But beyond the emotional aspects that involve this acquisition, it is a transaction that involves financial, legal and technical elements; it is a process that requires analysis.

Your goal should go beyond knowing about the dimensions, distribution and specifications of the house. You have to know what your customer is looking for in his future purchase.

Features versus benefits

Your offer should consist of presenting the characteristics and benefits of the property.

The characteristics are the tangible elements of the product, while the benefits are the value that the consumer gets from it.

What is pretty or ugly, big or small, far or near varies between individuals. A house with three rooms and two bathrooms could be considered as large, small or perfect depending on the clients’ needs. The features will always be the same, but the value could be different for every client.

3 steps to establish an offer:

Step 1: Organize the recommendations

Your suggestions should be tailored to the client’s needs. Organize their preferences, starting with the most urgent or important. Remember that the goal during the first conversations is to capture their attention for the property. Avoid getting into details.

Step 2: Adapt the suggestions

At this stage you will adapt those characteristics and benefits to the customer’s needs. Be careful in the order in which you present them. Do not overwhelm the customer with data; it is better to distinguish the points that you know will have an impact. Choose words that deliver a clear message and attract their attention.

Step3: Summarize and check!

Make sure you know why the customer will benefit from buying a property. Ask questions to corroborate what you think of what you informed and clarify their doubts. In addition to satisfying the customer, this will promote a more agile transaction.

Remember that customer expectations are high; they seek to maximize the value of their transactions. You will get successful relationships as long as your client feels well taken care of and pleased. And this is very important in a real estate market as competitive as today’s.

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