Individual Assistance Program

September 18, 2017

We are committed to helping our customers through their recovery from the hurricane season. Our priority is to work with our communities during this difficult time to deliver flexible solutions.

Due to the passing of hurricane Maria, we will waive all late fees from today through the end of September related to loans and credit cards of individuals in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. For more information, please call 1.888.745.0717.

Popular clients affected by recent hurricanes could also be eligible for our Individual Assistance Program. The concessions are extended to our customers in municipalities that are classified by FEMA as a Major Disaster Designated Areas. These are:

  • Forbearance on mortgage loan payments for 90 days.  For assistance with mortgage loans, please call 787.775.1100 or 1.800.981.1982
  • No minimum payment during three months will be required for credit card accounts that are up to date. For assistance with credit cards, please call 1.888.745.0717
  • Up to three-month moratorium for personal loans which meet the required criteria. For relief assistance with personal loans, call 1.888.745.0717.