Innovative chip technology: more safety for your credit card transactions

March 05, 2015

Learn more about the new technology available for most of our credit cards. The security microchip stores and protects your credit card’s information.

Smart credit card technology has arrived! Now, most of our credit cards are available with built-in microchip technology that stores the information needed to safely authenticate, authorise and process transactions.

Credit Cards with Microchips are easy to use

When you visit a merchant equipped with the chip technology all you need to do is insert the card in the chip enabled merchant terminal and follow the instructions shown on the screen. Once the process is complete, you remove your card, sign the receipt and store the card in a safe place.

In addition to the chip, your credit cards will also carry the traditional magnetic stripe, which will allow you to use your card at any merchant terminal.

Safe for travel and withdrawing cash

The built-in microchip card allows you to make purchases or withdraw cash at all participating automatic teller machines (ATMs) in Puerto Rico and around the world. For these transactions you need to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you don’t have a PIN, call 1.866.589.3126 or login to Mi Banco Online to create one.

How to take care of your credit card

The chip should always be attached to your new credit card. Avoid bringing your card near magnetic surfaces or placing it close to keys and coins that may scratch it.  If you try to use your card at a terminal and receive an error message that the chip is not readable, please contact us to request a replacement. While you wait for the replacement, you can continue to use your card by swiping the magnetic stripe.

If you would like to apply for one of our new, innovated credit cards with chip technology, click here and check out which one best suits your needs.

For additional information, you may also call 787.758.0505 or 1.800.981.9505.

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