How To Keep Your Car Resale Value

December 18, 2014

A car’s value depends, among other things, on its maintenance and the care we give to it. Besides taking care of our car so it can work properly, we take care of it with the hope to sell it one day. Good care and maintenance will guarantee a fair resale price that will allow you to get back part of your initial investment. Here you’ll find a couple of tips that will help you maintain your car’s value.

  • Maintenance: Keep track of your maintenance appointments. A maintenance registry helps you to anticipate needs and keeps your car in optimal conditions.  Owner’s Manual normally has a section with all car maintenance information. Also you have technology on your side, free apps like Car Fax, help you keep your car maintenance up to date..
  • Repairs: No accident is a small accident if you want to keep your car in optimal conditions. Call the insurance company and repair what needs to be repaired.
  • The art of the interior: A car’s interior is a mirror of its condition. Start by setting some limits.  Don’t drink or eat inside the car. Everyone loves to eat in the car, but the truth is we may spill stuff and finding a 3-month-old fry under the seat is not a good thing. Anyway, even if we avoid it, the car will always get dirty. To keep it in immaculate conditions, you only need a good vacuum cleaner, cleaning products, a good rag and strong arms.
  • Bodywork: The weather that we live in affects a car’s chassis in a big way. Try to wash and wax it at least once a month. Visiting a car wash is also a good option. If you live near the beach or in coastal areas, consider washing it more frequently.
  • Zen Drivin’: People who drive on the offensive, without avoiding holes on the road, speeding up and breaking in traffic jams are abusing their cars performance. Our advice? Relax while driving, enjoy the ride and be a Zen Driver, your car will appreciate it.
  • Take a walk: Using the car every moment, to go everywhere, can damage it. When possible, use another great method of transportation, your legs!
  • Keep your head straight: Headlights that is. Make sure that the headlights and other lights in your car don’t burn out. Besides avoiding getting a ticket and a potential accident, changing the bulbs in the headlights as soon as they blow out is better than changing all of them at the same time.
  • Your car should be a well-oiled machine: Oil to a car is like water to humans. Be always on the look out for oil levels, whether it be engine oil, or transmission. If you want to know more about oil levels or what kind is better for your car read the owner’s manual, ask a professional or do some research on the Internet.
  • Battery’s life: Don’t let it die! Always turn off the headlights, radio and disconnect chargers when the car is not on.
  • Warning signs? Don’t ignore them: Don’t ignore the warning lights on your dashboard. If they light up it’s because something’s up and ignoring them has consequences. For example, a defective oxygen sensor (one of the causes for the infamous “check engine”) can affect gas consumption.

Maintaining a car in good condition is not science but it does require consistency. Follow these steps and your car will have a longer life and maintain its market value. Visit for more information. In the meantime see you on the road!