How to make the best presentation of your life if you are an entrepreneur

May 24, 2019
How to make the best presentation of your life if you are an entrepreneur

A guide to ensure that your business proposal will cause an impact

As an entrepreneur, you live and breathe the ideas for your project—all day, every day. However,  communicating the most relevant information about a product or service may entail more than a simple presentation. What’s essential is to make your ideas attractive, and to do that clearly and concisely, so they will make an impact on your audience.

Or as Javier De Jesús Martínez, director of the Neeuko Center for Collaborative Innovation at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón says: “If you can write and explain your idea on a napkin, you’re ready.”

Once you have your concept clear, it’s time to turn your pitch into a presentation.

Step 1: Tell a story with your product or service

For De Jesús, the presentation should tell a story that involves the audience. To do this, he says, the entrepreneur should take a couple of very important things into account: how your product or service can transform or improve the user’s experience and what it contributes to the user’s everyday life.

The director of Neuuko explains that you should present your idea so the audience is impacted in a sensory way. To do this, you should experiment with visualization tools for communicating your message.

Step 2: Explore presentation tools

Beyond PowerPoint, there are dynamic alternatives that can transform the message into an experience.

Pitcherific is a tool that helps you be a better presenter. It allows you to set time limits for your presentation, profile audiences and goals for your message. It has the option of a teleprompter and question cards so you can practice your pitch before the presentation.

Visme is another virtual platform. It allows users to create visualizations of information: infographics, social graphs, reports, table and charts, and interactive presentations.

Google Slides makes possible collaboration so that several users can be creating and editing the document at the same time.

Prezi offers forms you can personalize and that lives either in the cloud or on your computer. It also provides analytics to measure the presentation’s impact on its viewers.

Step 3: Give priority to the proof check

Once you’ve created your presentation, it’s time to rehearse and correct any errors. To do this, it’s vital that you do a round of editing on the spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax of your presentation. Practicing aloud allows you to refine your delivery, and to correct errors in the content.

It’s also extremely important to test the technical equipment you’re going to be using. Verify the internet connection and any adapters, projectors, microphones, and/or speakers you’re going to need.

Step 4: Take it to the next level

Skype for Business is the pioneering tool for videoconferencing, but there are other ways to communicate your message digitally.

With Google Hangouts you can make videocalls with up to 10 participants without having to download an app. You can also transmit the call on the web with Hangout on Air, and then upload it to YouTube.

SlideShare, from LinkedIn, has emerged as a webhosting alternative for your presentations. Take advantage of this business-oriented social network to share your presentation and capture the attention of possible investors or key figures in your industry.

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