Myths and Facts in the World of Cars

August 20, 2014

We often hear our neighbors, friends, family and even car dealers trying to give us tips on how to save gas, improve the air conditioner temperature and show us how to keep the tires in an optimum condition. But, should we really do what they say?

It’s very important to make sure that our car performance is superior and up-to-date. To achieve this, rather than listening from the words on the street, it’s best to ask the experts.

Let’s distinguish the myths from the facts and see what really benefits the quality of your car.

MYTH: The more you fill the tank, the better.

FACT: This is very common when talking about pumping gas. Each tank is designed with a maximum capacity of liquids either the brake oil or petrol oil. If you exceed the limit, you will end up losing money.

MYTH: All washing liquids are the same, why would I buy one especially for cars?

FACT: Although it may seem the same, washing your car with dishwashing liquid is very harmful for the car. Having more bubbles does not mean is a better wash. Instead, it will cause damages on the shine and paint of the car.

MYTH: Warming up the engine of the car before a long drive.

FACT: This one is commonly emphasized by auto mechanics. Warming up the engine of the car is a thing of the past.  Today, due to the new technologies, you don’t need to warm up the car, it’s considered a waste of time and gas.

MYTH: The more air in the tires, the better.

FACT: The air in the tires doesn’t determine the speed of the car and will not save you gas. Each car has its own caliber of air in the tires; therefore you need to check the car manual. It’s best to leave your car in the hands of a tire technician to avoid suspension and balance problems.

Myths are very common when it comes to cars and we must distinguish them from the real facts, especially if we are thinking about selling it or opting for a trade-in. I can assure you will get the best out of your car when you follow these tips.

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