New Online Security Animated Infographic in

November 03, 2010

Protecting personal and financial information against impostors is a natural concern for many people that bank online. For us at Popular it’s also a priority, sincewe want you to feel confident and at ease whenever you use our web page.

To help you learn more about online security, the new features an animated infographic that explains what we do at Popular to protect your information and provides tips of things you can do.

Concerning what we do, it explains how we protect the enrollment and sign on process, the components of our security infrastructure and the teams that we have in place to deal with security. It also recommends things you can do: from protecting your personal and financial information, to enabling security features to avoid unwanted access to your computer.

Set aside a few minutes to review this information and to share this link ( with those closest to you. Also, explore the possibility of getting the Internet Security Kit available at our branches, thanks to an alliance with Microsoft.

If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud, call us at (787) 724-3655 or 1 (888) 724-3655. Likewise, If you receive a suspicious e-mail send it to . In the meantime, keep enjoying the safe and convenient experience of handling your financial transactions through Mi Banco. Log in today!