PASOS for Your Home

August 28, 2017

If you are a Real Estate broker or wish to acquire a home, you will be interested to learn about PASOS for your home. This is an educational tool created by our mortgage experts at Conexión Popular to guide buyers, from the moment they apply for a mortgage loan until they reach closing.

In Popular Mortgage, we designed this tool after listening to our clients and Real Estate brokers. Both groups shared their concerns and recommendations, which we included in a brochure for your convenience. The brochure uses clear and simple language to explain the duties of the different participants in the financing and closing process. It also includes a list of the necessary documents.

PASOS for your home uses 5 steps to outline what happens from the moment the client files a mortgage loan application. The 5 steps are:

  1. Loan application
  2. Documents and services requested by the bank from providers
  3. Application analysis
  4. Loan approval
  5. Closing

Each step includes a series of processes and interventions from professionals. To learn more, access PASOS for your home, now available online.

The purpose of PASOS for your home is to make the transaction more agile and efficient. It promotes trust and creates a collaborative environment between the applicant and all the participants in the process.

The mortgage experts at Conexión Popular are here to help both buyers and Real Estate brokers.

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