Popular Among Top 10 Banks with More Fans on Facebook

February 17, 2011

The website Visible Banking, which monitors the use of social media among banks, credit insurance and financial services worldwide, recently announced that Popular was one of the top 10 banks in the world with more “Likes” on Facebook in 2010. Also, we ranked #2 in highest growth of Facebook fans, with 28% .9, among all banks in the world.

The banks included in the list of most “Likes” on Facebook are based in the United States (2 of 10), the United Kingdom (2), Peru (2), Nigeria (1), France (1) and Thailand (1). Popular reached the number 10 spot with a total of 75,502 Facebook fans by the end of 2010, which shows the effectiveness of our social media strategy, and the growing popularity and effectiveness of this new medium.

Popular’s page on Facebook is the only corporate or institutional page listed, as the others are strictly related to community and/or promotional efforts. Visible Banking monitors 720 pages, Facebook groups and applications in over 69 countries belonging to banks, credit unions, insurance firms, financial services and investments, and credit card companies.

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