Popular ATH® Machines to Include Claro refill option

March 02, 2012

Popular ATH cardholders are enjoying a unique service in order to refill their pre-paid Claro cell phones thru identified automatic teller machines (ATM) network. Popular is taking the lead in fullfilling new clients needs in a joint venture with Claro telecommunications company and this innovative and convenient advantage.

Easy Steps to Buy

This convenient way to buy pre-paid minutes will free clients from trips to stores that sell refill minutes cards. Those cards are used when calling client service line *88 and dialing the serial number on card in order to refill their account with air minutes. Those steps were reduced using this updated system, keeping the sale of cell minutes on the same ATM transaction.

Second option is offered thru direct dialing *284 from their Claro cellphone and using a Popular ATH® card number to refill their accounts with pre-paid minutes without an operator assistance. If they prefer, they can dial *611 for client service line assistance.

The third option for buying pre-paid minutes throughout “ClaroTodo.Com” web page have some browser minimum requirements like Java and a secure connection (https).