PREMIA helps you “earn brownie points” on St. Valentine’s Day.

February 09, 2015

We always talk about ways to accumulating PREMIA® points because it’s so easy and convenient. However, in St. Valentine’s Day, PREMIA® helps you “earn brownie points” with your partner.

Check these ‘tips’ and use your points to “earn brownie points”:

  1. Restaurant Gift Certificates – Nothing better than accumulate brownie points with a romantic dinner. Redeem your points for restaurants gift cards.
  2. Health & Beauty Gift Certificates – Give the gift of an afternoon of relaxation to relieve stress and worries in a spa. Also if your partner likes to be fit, we have gym certificates available.
  3. Jewelry- This may be the most cliché St. Valentine Day gift (next to the chocolates and flowers) but it’s a gift that never goes out of fashion and people love it. Among our gift cards you will find a variety of establishments that sell jewelry. Just between us, it’s the best way to “earn brownie points”.
  4. Vacations – If you want to go on a getaway with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, redeem your points for certificates of known hostelries in and out of Puerto Rico. Surprise your partner and go the extra mile, literally.
  5. Electronic – If you have a techie partner, check our catalog and give him/her a big surprise.

There is no better gift than that which comes from the heart, use your PREMIA® points to surprise and delight that special someone. ¡Check out our catalog today! Use your points in St. Valentines and “earn brownie points”.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the PREMIA® program.