Protect Yourself from Hurricanes and Earthquakes with an Insurance Policy

June 30, 2010

Every year, between the months of June and November, those of us who live in Puerto Rico must prepare for the threat of being hit by a hurricane.  Recently Mother Nature has reminded us that there is another threat for which there is no specific season and for which we must also be prepared: earthquakes.  As recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have reminded us, there is no warning or season for this kind of natural disaster.

The best thing we can do, besides counting our blessings, is to be well prepared and take advantage of the summer vacation months to organize ourselves. Don’t become complacent because you hear every year about a possible hurricanes or earthquakes and we haven’t suffered one of these natural disasters.

How can you prepare? Besides having a contingency plan, you must have an insurance policy.  If you’re a property owner, the structure might already insured against hurricanes and earthquakes. But that’s not enough. If you haven’t checked your policy recently, it’s possible that you’re not completely covered.

To prepare for a hurricane or earthquake:

  1. Make sure that the limits of your policy are appropriate. Check the value of your property and compare it to your current insurance. Call your insurance representative for an orientation on how to properly insure your home’s structure.
  2. Take into account the improvements you’ve made to your home since the last time you revised your policy. Ask your insurance representative to include these changes in the policy.
  3. Don’t forget about the property that you keep inside your house. The typical structure policy does not cover damages caused to your furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, etc. Ask your representative how to include them in your policy.

In case of a hurricane or earthquake, having your insurance policy up to date will be a less worry. Popular Insurance can help you.  Contact us at to guide you. Also, let us know, which was the last strong hurricane you recall? Did you lose any property? Share your experience.