Protect your pet from a natural disaster

July 26, 2018
Protect your pet from a natural disaster

When we adopt a pet, we also adopt the responsibility of protecting it. That’s why we should establish a plan to mitigate any risk our pet might face in the event of a natural disaster or an accident at home.

Below, several simple measures you can take to protect your pet.

  1. Identify your pet. Be sure that your pet has an embedded microchip or a collar with an identification tag with its name, your telephone number, and address on it.
  2. Prepare a first aid kit. In addition to having a first aid kit for you and your family, you should also have emergency materials for your pet. That includes canned food for three to seven days, bottles of water, food and water dishes, trash bags, sanitizing or disinfecting products, a leash, a blanket, and toys. Keep this kit in an easily accessible place.
  3. Keep a recent photo of your pet. You should have a recent photo of your pet in your wallet, purse, or other easily accessible place. This will make it easier to find your animal companion should it get lost.
  4. Observe where your pet hides. If you can’t find your pet, don’t leave it behind! Animals often seek shelter in familiar places, so before you evacuate or take security measures you should look for your pet in the places it tends to hide.
  5. Locate refuges ahead of time. If you need to evacuate your home for safety reasons and you can’t take your pet with you, identify such places as a veterinarian, kennel, animal refuge, or hotel that accepts pets. If your pet remains in your home, find a specific safe area where you can leave it. Remember to leave food and water.
  6. Establish a protection plan. If you aren’t at home during a disaster or when an accident strikes, have a plan of action or options for protecting your pet. One alternative is to ask a friend or family member to take care of your pet in case of an emergency.
  7. Purchase personal liability insurance. A fire, hurricane or earthquake can distress pets. If your pet escapes and attacks or bites a neighbor, you can be held legally responsible for the incident. Therefore, purchasing a personal liability policy can protect you against an injury caused by your pet. This insurance can be included as part of a Personal Package, which is an insurance policy that includes several types of coverage, such as your dwelling, its contents, home assistance and personal liability.

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