Reopening your Business with a Focus on Customer Service

June 25, 2020
Reopening your Business with a Focus on Customer Service

By: Nerma Albertorio Barnés, founder Centro para Emprendedores and 100 Ventures

Some businesses have already started operating and others are in the process of reopening their doors to the public. For your business to be successful at this stage, it is important that you put into practice certain protocols to minimize the spread of COVID-19 infections among your employees and customers.

Complying with protocols will increase your company’s operating costs. However, the investment in time and money will be worthwhile to ensure optimal customer service, allowing everyone to feel confident about returning to your business.

Here are some recommendations you can implement right away:

  1. Identify products and equipment to keep the workspace organized and safe. Make sure to have the right suppliers, those that can always fulfill these needs. 
  1. Train your team on the latest cleaning protocols. Make sure they always follow the same procedure, both to protect themselves and your clients. We have seen that many companies do not implement their protocols. Be very careful with this. Having protocols on paper only, without executing them, puts the operation of your business at risk.
  1. Develop a clear communication with your customers to educate them on the protocols they must follow once they step inside your premises. Share the procedure with everyone, develop easy-to-follow instructions and post them in a visible location. Send emails and use your business’ social media to let people know that the business is ready to serve them and is following established security measures and promoting social distancing. 

Here are additional tips that you can implement for your clients:

  1. Take people’s temperature before entering your facilities and direct them to a hand sanitizer station they can use.
  2. Always require customers to wear masks.
  3. Post signs that:
    • Establish the 6-feet of social distancing
    • Direct traffic flow within the premises
    • Encourage frequent handwashing
    • Remind everyone not to touch their eyes, face or mouth
  4. Have antibacterial products available for customers and employees.
  5. Install acrylic panels as barriers to protect employees and customers in high-contact areas, such as cash registers.
  6. Prevent several people from crowding into small, closed spaces.
  7. Use digital platforms to maintain clear communication with your customers. Use them to inform clients about which protocols they must follow inside your store or business and how to make purchases online or place orders for pick-up.
  8. Consider activating or expanding your home delivery service by up to 75%. This will increase your sales channels.

Put these and other measures into practice to ensure a great customer service experience. 

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