How to save money during your vacations

July 22, 2011
We’re in the middle of summer and soon enough most of you will go in your long-awaited vacations. Here are some tips so you can enjoy your dreamed vacations without them turning into a financial nightmare:

– Knowledge is power- Search blogs, recommendations, books or other sources that can help you know better the places you’re going to visit. This way you don’t have to be wandering around all day and waste money on transportation.

– Try to stay with family or friends- Hotel stay is one of the areas in which you spend the most when you’re traveling and even more so in Summer when the rates are higher. Staying with family or friends will help plan a budget in which you can include more activities for your family.
– Avoid eating out- In amusement parks and touristic areas, food can become a big expense. If you stay at a hotel, ask if the room has a little fridge or a small kitchen so you can prepare food to take for your family.
– Take advantage of offers for kids- Some chains of restaurants and hotels in the United States have offers in which kids eat or stay free if they are under 12. Take these places into consideration when making your reservations.
– Buy multiple days Packages- If you’e planning on visiting amusement parks, multiple days packages are more cost-effective that buying the tickets on their own for each day.
– Look for airlines that don’t charge you for luggage- These days most airlines charge you for your luggage, but they’re still some that don’t depending on the destination. If travelling in one of these airlines is impossible, try to pack light.
– Remember the “doggy bag”- Tasting the local flavor of the place we’re visiting is always good. Whatever is left of the delicious dinner could easily be your lunch next day.
– Use public transportation- In cities like New York, Paris and Londres the transportation system is extremely reliable and complete. You can use them instead of renting a car.
– Be mindful of where you exchange money- Money exchange rates change every day. It’s always better to change some money before you get to your destination. Popular offers money exchange services, that way you make sure you’re covered in case of any situation and avoid rates in which you lose money.
– Become a local- Tourist areas are beautiful, but if we just focus on them we are losing the opportunity of seeing places just as interesting and fun that can be cheaper. Ask family or friends that have been there before or make a search about the recommendations from other travelers.We hope these tips are useful and that you enjoy your vacations.