Save Time – Foreign Currency Exchange

March 24, 2022
Save Time – Foreign Currency Exchange

Are you traveling and you need to change currency?

When you returned, did you have leftover currency and needed to change it?

Don’t waste time looking for a place to exchange it and visit Popular, where we buy and sell foreign paper currency¹.  Furthermore, in some automatic teller machines you can withdraw euros.

Below is a breakdown of our services and the locations where you can access them:

  1. Direct line – 787-722-3240
  • You can contact our department for orientation or quote to buy or sell foreign currency. Also, we can coordinate to send the transaction to any branch of Banco Popular.
  • Get quotes on exchange rates to carry out wire transfers.
  1. Branches – in all our branches you can:
  • Request the purchase and sale of paper money (cash) from more than 50 countries.¹
  1. Airport Branch (located in the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport) – Besides all services mentioned above, you can instantly buy and sell the following four currencies. This branch has an inventory of:
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Pound sterling (GBP)
  • Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • Mexican peso (MXN)
  1.  Automatic Teller Machines (in nine locations) – you can instantly withdraw euros at:
  • Parada 22 Branch in Santurce
  • Popular Center Branch in Hato Rey
  • Plaza Las Américas Branch in Hato Rey
  • Airport Branch in Carolina
  • Plaza del Caribe Branch in Ponce
  • Mayagüez Suau Branch in Mayagüez
  • Arecibo San Luis Branch in Arecibo
  • San Juan Mall in San Juan
  • Luis Muñoz Marín Airport – Terminal A (Check Point) and Terminal C
  1. Foreign Exchange Dept. (located in the 7th floor of the BPPR building, Parada 22, 1500 Ponce De León Ave.) – you can:
  • Request the purchase and sale of paper money (cash) from more than 50 countries.¹
  • You can instantly buy the following four currencies: Euro (EUR), Pound sterling (GBP), Canadian dollar (CAD) and Mexican peso (MXN).

For more information:

  • Visit any of our branches
  • Stop by our Foreign Exchange Department
  • Call our Foreign Exchange Department at 787-722-3240

¹ Only applies to negotiable foreign currencies, subject to availability. The amount allowed for withdrawals of Euros with Regular ATH® to clients of other financial institutions is determined by the Institution where they have their relationship. ATMs offer rates updated daily as per the foreign currency international market. Each transaction is subject to a foreign transaction fee ranging from 4.75% up to 8% depending of the foreign currency and a charge for the sale/withdrawal of foreign currency of 1% of the amount after conversion to US dollars; $10.00 minimum.  The foreign transaction fee will be calculated based on the current foreign currency exchange rate at the time of the sale.  The 8% calculation in the conversion of foreign currency is based on the rate offered by the Agent Bank for exotic currencies whose volume of exchange in the currency market is still low.