Should I Sell or Trade-in My Car?

February 03, 2016
Lo vendo o lo cambioLQ

By: Andrés A. Lebrón

Learn what is the best route when changing your car.

Trading your car is an easy and quick alternative if you want to buy a new car and dispose of the one you have. If you decide to sell your car, you have to invest money and time trying to close a deal and this is the main advantage of the trade-in over the sale. The dealer will do you a favor and sell the car for you. Before taking on this adventure, learn a few tips to get the most out of each alternative.

Pros and cons of trading a car or selling it on your own

Trade-in Sale
Get a lower price for your car. This is because the dealer must invest in your car in order to sell it and make a profit. You can obtain a better price for your car by selling it on your own.
Quick and easy transaction – the dealer takes care of all the paperwork. The seller defines the conditions of the sale and coordinates all the paperwork with the buyer. Generally this efforts takes time and both parties must be present.
The dealer accepts the car as is and pays you accordingly. Probably you have to fix something or even lower the price to sell your car.
By trading in your vehicle, you save time you would have spent on meetings with potential customers and the subsequent paperwork involved in the sale.

What can I do to obtain a better price for my trade-in?

When you set on the trade-in option you might think, and already accepted, that the price is not negotiable. You know what? It’s not like that. To know how much you can obtain for your car, verify the price of your car and prepare yourself to negotiate with the dealer. Remember they obtain most of their units thru auctions, so the value of your car will vary from the price it sells on the street. An easy way to get an idea of how much your car might be worth on the streets is looking for Internet sites dedicated to this such as where you may find cars similar to yours.

Don’t stay with the same dealer

If it’s true that the price the dealer offers you is hard to negotiate, it’s also true that this price varies. Visit various dealers and compare how much each is willing to give you for your car.

Prepare your car

Before going to the dealer, make sure your car is in optimal conditions. Wash it one last time and clean the interiors. Fix any minor imperfections and put your car ready to sell it.

The trade-in has its particularities but it offers you the convenience that selling the car on your own doesn’t. Consider these factors when changing your car and talk to one of our online experts before going to the dealer and explore your options.

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