Spring Cleaning Benefits

February 05, 2016
Spring Cleaning

By: Andrés A. Lebrón

Any day is a good day to start a new year’s resolution and it’s even better if you do it right now. If your to-do list includes cleaning or at least taking care of the game room or the garage, you still have time to start. Reorganizing and cleaning your home can be a fun and relaxing activity. The following tips help you get the most out of your spring-cleaning.

  1. Make an inventory. Now that you are going to start cleaning and organizing, you might as well create an inventory of the things you have. If you are going to store your stuff in boxes, write the contents outside the box in a visible part so it will be easier to find something in the future. Another great alternative is making a list of the contents of your closet and pasting it inside it.
  2. Fix it. You probably have something that needs repairing around the house. Take advantage of the moment and make those minor repairs. Don’t delay it another year!
  3. Evaluate what you have. Most of the time we save things just for the sake of it or because we don’t want to throw them away. Verify the contents of boxes and closets to make sure you don’t have anything useless or expired (such as medicine or products with expiration dates). Classify your belongings and decide what to do with them. You can use the following categories:
    1. Save: place here what you want to save. It could be for sentimental or practical purposes.
    2. Donate: If you don’t use some items and they are in good condition, set them apart and donate them. Some articles that you can donate are clothes, shoes, toys and books.
    3. Sell: set up a garage sale with the items you don’t need. This way, you get rid of some of your things while making a little cash on the side. Don’t have a garage? Use social media to sell them.
    4. Dispose: throw away items that are damaged or expired. You could also dispose old documents like invoices that are no longer valid.

Cleaning up and organizing your stuff means not only using a broom and mop. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. Make a plan: divide your house in the different areas that need to be organized and set different dates to do so. You will see how time flies and, who knows? Maybe you can even relax! Take your time and take advantage of these tips. They will make your life easy.

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