Starting Connection: The coolest way to establish good credit

June 24, 2015
Starting Conection

Making a healthy credit history is not as difficult as it seems. We all start with a credit product that gives us certain benefits and is easy to handle. Popular Auto Starting Connection is a new and innovative way to begin that credit history because it allows you to finance your first car with no credit experience. Sounds like a preposterous proposition, but it really is not.

When we take out a credit card or a loan for the first time we are granted a small credit amount. However, an auto loan is not very far from these options. Instead of buying a used car and making monthly payments on your card or personal loan to pay it off, with the Starting Connection program, you can do the same but with a new car.

Did you know the importance of good credit? Today many companies use credit history to learn more about a person. Credit history is a window that tells a landlord if he/she can rent you an apartment, it tells a phone company if they can sell you a phone and apply for a contract or even, tell your potential employer if you are a good candidate to hire. Your credit history will also determine the interest rate you get for a credit product in the future.

To apply through Starting Connection you must have the support of a qualified co-signer, either a relative or legal representative.

Advantages of Starting Connection

  • If the debtor has not defaulted on a single payment for more than 30 days, the co-debtor can request to be released from any liability regarding the loan after two years.
  • Down payment may not be required.

Benefits of Starting Connection

  • We can offer orientation about the type of finance and the terms that better adjust to your need and budget.
  • Learn about the services you will obtain when selecting a lease:
    • Assistance and orientation from a Sales Executive about any aspect of your lease:
      • Necessity Assessment
      • Qualification and approval processes
      • Buying and selling
      • Refinance
      • Account transfers
      • Service coordination
    • Auto agency services
      • Registration and ownership transfer
      • License sticker annual renovation
      • Payment and cancellation of transit tickets
      • License stickers and license plate duplicates
      • Custom license plates
    • Choose between receiving a monthly bill or a payment book

Creating a good credit will get you far and will help you get a number of things aside from the material things.

Visit our webpage or contact our experts and they will help you create your credit the right way. Buy a car with Popular Auto Starting Connection and start raking up miles on your credit.

Subject to credit approval. Certain restrictions apply.