Take control of your time: how to make every second at work count

August 20, 2014

Today we live in a race against the clock, trying to meet all of our responsibilities.  Every second in your day counts, so here are some ideas on how to maximize productivity each and every minute at your job.

First things first: organization. A good tip for you to make a better use of a to-do list is just writing it the day before, when you’re almost ready to leave the office, instead of working on it the following morning. This allows for you to quickly address your tasks and priorities as soon as you get to work. Finish up your day reviewing pending matters for the following day and assigning priorities. Avoid feeling overwhelmed when getting to the office in the morning and wasting your time asking yourself: “what is it that I have to do today?”

Second, keep email distraction under control. Reserve a specific time to read messages and classify them. You can use categories such as:

•’Urgent’ – these require your immediate attention; get them out of your way immediately.

•’For further evaluation’ – these will take some time, so set a deadline to read them and take action. This way, you will not waste time going back to the same message several times.

• ‘Distractions’- jokes, photos and chain messages sent by friends and peers go in this category. Ideally, you should erase them from your work email to avoid distractions. You can keep them in your personal inbox if you want to review them later.

Lastly, take advantage of electronic tools such as direct deposit, e-bills and e-payments that you can even use through your smartphone, and don’t spend any office time in those errands. Along with time, you’ll save gas as well.