The most frequently asked questions about Doral Bank’s closing

March 12, 2015

Welcome Doral Bank customers. Our services, resources and experience are at your disposal. We are here to help you during this transition.

It is normal that during this period our customers will have a lot of questions about their accounts and their banking services.

Here are the most frequently asked questions.

1. Which of the two banks acquired my accounts?
It depends on the branch that opened your account and what financial institution acquired it. You can visit the following link to identify which bank has your account.

2- Can I continue using my debit card?
Yes, you can use your Doral Bank debit card at over 600 ATMs for free during the transition process including Banco Popular and FirstBank networks.

3- Will my accounts and transactions be affected by the transition?
The transition will not affect your accounts or the way you make your transactions at the moment. Any changes or additional benefits to your accounts will be communicated well in advance.

4- I have automatic payments and direct deposits scheduled. Will these be affected? (Mortgage, social security, payroll, etc.)
The transition will not affect your accounts, direct deposit or automatic payments yet. Any changes will be notified in advance.

5- Will my account number change or remain the same?
Account numbers will remain the same, for now.

6- Can I make deposits and transactions in any Doral branch?
Yes, You can continue to do your banking as usual in any branch of Doral Bank. At the moment, the branches of Banco Popular and FirstBank do not have access to any account information from Doral Bank.

7- Which bank acquired my mortgage, Banco Popular or First Bank?
You will soon receive a communication from the bank that has your mortgage. Meanwhile, you may continue to make your payments as usual in Doral Bank by making a direct payment at any Doral branch, via Internet at or by calling (787) 749-7000 or 1-877-336-7251.

We place at your disposal the convenience and innovation that Banco Popular embodies to provide you peace of mind and financial security. Learn more about us and what we can offer you.