The Urgent Need to Reduce CO2

July 09, 2021
The Urgent Need to Reduce CO2

Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the planet, caused by carbon dioxide (CO2). This is because humans generate excessive amounts of CO2 through the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) and deforestation. The more CO2 we generate, the temperature of the planet increases endangering the survival of the future generations that will inhabit it.

Signs Everywhere

In every corner of the planet there are signs of global warming, and its impact has been observed for decades. Melting glaciers, changes in the range of distribution of plants and animals, increased spread of disease, bleaching of coral reefs, more intense storms, droughts, and sweltering heat waves are the most prominent examples.

Positive Impact

There is much we can do to reduce the CO2 we generate and help stop global warming. As individuals and communities, we can all take actions that help change the pace of the planet. Here in Puerto Rico, there are numerous projects dedicated to this. Today we share two of them.

Caras con Causa

  • This organization promotes sustainable community development in order to promote education and support ecological conservation. Focused on the communities of Cataño and Guaynabo, its ecological efforts include the rehabilitation of green spaces, development of community gardens, reforestation, and an environmental research laboratory.
  • They focus on working with young students to develop leaders of the future with an awareness of social justice who see the components of education, community, environment, and economy as intertwined towards the same end, a better Puerto Rico.
  • 1 tree absorbs 40 lbs of CO2. Caras con Causa has planted over 1,400 trees, which equals an approximate absorption of 56,000 lbs.

Coto Laurel Solar Farm

  • This Windmar Group project, located in Ponce, has a local investment of $45 million and is the company’s second solar farm.
  • With 65,000 solar panels installed, the farm generates a capacity of 15,000 kilowatts of completely clean energy.

Models like this drive renewable energy and environmental conservation.

Join the Rhythm

Here are some steps you can take in your daily life to help reduce CO2 emissions:

  • Reduce the use of cars – Driving 50 kilometers less each week reduces CO2 emissions by 450 kilograms.
  • Support “sustainable auto mobility” – Consider your next car to be electric or hybrid.
  • Increase your energy efficiency – Consume less electricity whenever possible.
  • Make the switch to renewable energy – Every day photovoltaic solar panel systems are more accessible, consider installing one in your home.
  • Support reforestation – Trees contain CO2, so they are a powerful in the fight to reduce it. It can be as simple as promoting tree planting in your home and community or supporting with donations to local organizations that protect our natural resources.

Time is short and we all must unite in the effort to reduce CO2 and work for a planet that gives us life today and in the future. Conserve Puerto Rico. The rhythm goes on with you. Join in and learn more about our sustainability efforts by visiting